Marine Festa in Kuchinotsu 2019

July, Saturday 20 (10:00-20:30) CELEBRATE THE SUMMER at MARINE FESTA in KUCHINOTSU!!



After the arrival of the European ships to the Port of Kuchinotsu, it started to flourish. The long history of the port has created a profound relationship between the sea and the townspeople of Kuchinotsu, who celebrate it every summer with the “Sea Days” festival.




On the first day, there is an opening ceremony where mochi (rice buns) are thrown from the stage (as a good omen), fishermen’s boats parade, a brass band plays and various kinds of live performances take place. 




During the day it is possible to try out different marine sports and on the second day you can participate in the dragon boat race (you have to sign up few weeks in advance) or to cheer for your favorite team.



Only on this occasion, the Dolphin Watching Boat Association of Kuchinotsu gives a discounted (1000 yen per person) tour to see the dolphins. reservation required.



The event finishes with about 2600 fireworks that illuminate the sky and colorfully reflect on the calm sea at night.

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